Great Dining Options In Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio has been steadily gaining ground as one of the best places to get a quality culinary experience that can match anything that is available in the state – if not the entirety of the U.S. That reputation is based on the fact that there is simply so much variety available for those who want to explore fine dining, family friendly restaurants or a simple place where friends can meet and enjoy great tastes and the opportunity to throw off the cares of the world no matter the time of day or night.

If you are in the neighborhood of Columbus then here are some great choices to start your culinary exploration of Ohio.

1. Pistacia Vera.

Breakfast elevated to an art. The macaroons are a delight. Try the ‘Honey Lavender’ version. But if you want something more savory then the Salmon Tartare and the quiche are well worth the wait. These are breakfasts prepared with care and fresh ingredients – you cannot rush perfection.

2. The North Market.

If you are at a loose end and want a huge variety of lunch options then head to the North Market. 35 stall owners will gladly help you to achieve culinary Nirvana. Dishes inspired by cuisine from all over the world are available. Everything is good – but there are some shining stars. For instance ‘Hot Chicken Takeover’. Southern style hot chicken attracts hordes of customers. Choose your tolerance level from hot to ‘Holy sh*t’. Not to be vulgar – but the hot option is actually called ‘Holy’. Don’t forget the sublime mac and cheese.

Dinner offers up even more choice for the lover of great food. You can choose the fine dining option or somewhere more laid back.

3. Lindey’s.

Sit yourself down on the patio and choose from a great menu including some well loved classics such as the Ahi Tuna Tartare or the excellent ‘Farm Board’ which features charcuterie and artisan cheeses – perfect for sharing with friends. A great cocktail menu. After 25 years in operation this remains one of Ohio’s best options for those locals in the know about fine, yet relaxed dining. This has become somewhat of a Columbus Ohio landmark always scoring a top ten spot in surveys of those who enjoy great food.

If you are in the Columbus region take some time off, pull up a chair and enjoy great food, great service and a friendly atmosphere in one of the many wonderful eateries in the city.