Fun Activities For Gardeners In Columbus, Ohio

Do you love gardening? If so, Columbus, Ohio is a fantastic place to call home. There are a ton of amazing activities for gardeners in the area. Best of all, many of these activities are available year-round, meaning that you don’t have to give up your love of gardening during the winter.

One activity that any gardener would enjoy is paying a visit to the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Along with both indoor and outdoor gardens, the conservatory also holds art exhibits, puts on classes, and hosts traveling exhibitions.

Paying a visit to the conservatory during the winter is a great way to enjoy the beauty of plants even when it is cold outside. There are more than 400 different species housed in the conservatory, making it a garden lover’s dream. During the warmer months, you can also explore the outside gardens. There is even a children’s garden that is designed to help children of all ages develop a love of plants and an interest in gardening.

Another option is to join a gardening club. There are plenty of them available in the Columbus area, no matter where your interests lie. Whether you want to go with a well-organized club or gardening society or just form a club of your own with your friends, it is great to be able to share your love of gardening with other people. Best of all, you can swap cuttings with other members of the club, allowing you to grow your plant collection without having to spend a lot of money.

Many of the city parks in Columbus have amazing gardens on display. If you want to stay busy all summer long, you could try to visit a different park each weekend to view the gardens. Chances are, you will quickly discover which ones are your favorites. You can then go back to those parks over and over again to see how the gardens change throughout the year. Don’t forget to bring along a good book each time you visit so you can sit next to the garden and enjoy the soft sounds of nature while relaxing near the plants.

There are a lot of amazing things for gardeners to do in the Columbus, Ohio area. Even though wintertime in Columbus can be quite cold, you can always drop by the Franklin Park Conservatory anytime you want to view the beautiful plants and artwork that they have on display.