5 essential safety precautions when working on an oil rig | Oil, Rig, Work, Jobs

oil-rigWhen it comes to the most dangerous jobs.

Working on an oil rig makes it in the top of the list.

From the dangerous substances used to malfunctioning equipment and other workplace hazards such as getting caught in the machinery and tripping, there are so many ways workers can be injured when working.

Fortunately, there are ways that workers can protect themselves, this article outlines 5 top safety precautions when working on an oil rig.

1. Stay alert

Accidents happen very quickly and with no warning, therefore, you should remain focused and very alert. Watch out for any flying or falling items and stay away from the moving objects. You should also be very careful not to trip or knock others as you walk around the plant.

2. Wear protective gear

Wearing quality protective gear is very important in order to avoid injury. Whether you are working on the simple welding jobs or operating on the heavy machines, you should wear protective gear to stay safe. They include respiratory protection, face protection, protective gloves and goggles. It is better to wear protective gear all the time than to wish you had worn.

3. Replace or repair any machine or equipment that need it

You should never postpone repairing or replacing a faulty machine or equipment or alerting the responsible persons when something is off. Do not attempt to rig something that is no longer working or put on worn out protective gear. It is certainly not worth the risk.

4. Only use the equipment and machines that you have been trained on

Accidents due to the wrong use of machines in oil plants happen daily, therefore, you should stick to using only the machines that you have been trained and go for training before operating any
oil-platform new machine.

The difficult jobs should only be left to the most experienced workers. This helps to reduce injuries due to wrong use of machines. Also, educate yourself on the common dangers then avoid them.

5. Follow all the guidelines and safety rules

Following all the outlined safety rules and guidelines may be time consuming and make the job more difficult but the rules are there to ensure safety in the plant. Read through all the safety regulations as well as have the OSHA guidelines with you for review and reference when needed.

Working on an oil rig will never be safe completely but the above safety tips will help make the work much safer.

How to select a good Air conditioner | Air, Conditioner, Equipment, Cool

Essential Tips for How to select a good Air conditioner

air conditionerAir conditioners have become an essential element in every home.

The air conditioners play a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable during the warm months of the summer.

The air conditioners are also used in offices and workplaces to provide air conditioned and comfortable atmospheres that ensure working is fulfilling. Moreover, they are also used in cars and buses to ensure that the travelers have a comfortable journey.

The presence of many types of air conditioners has made selecting a good air conditioner a daunting task. The air conditioners have different features that will guide you when selecting a good one that coincides with your room conditions or your intended purpose.

Hence, here are essential tips for how to select a good air conditioner.

Energy efficiency of the air conditioner

When choosing the best air conditioner, you should consider the energy efficiency ratio which entails the cooling capacity of the air conditioner per hour, and the power inputs used.

A more efficient air conditioner is the one that has a higher energy efficiency ratio. Moreover, an increase in 1.0 on the EER scale equates to 10% increase in the EER ratio.

You should also check on the air conditioner with an energy star because they show that it concurs with the set standards and guidelines for the department of energy.

Size of the air conditioner

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner depends on the room’s size and the size of the air conditioner.

You should be keen not to choose an air conditioner that is oversizes because it wastes energy and it is less effective. When your room is small, then you should consider purchasing a smaller air conditioner that will remove the both the humidity and heat in your room.

You can get to know of the best size unit that matches your cooling needs by checking the ACs cooling needs a calculator that is always available.

Split or window Air conditioners

The split and window air conditioners are the popular types of air conditioners that suitable for home use.

You should consider choosing between the two air conditioners while considering your cooling needs. The window air conditioner has been proven to be cheaper and easy to install, but the split air conditioner has been proven to be very pleasing because it is flexible, quieter and offers better air distribution in your home.

Air Qualitythermometer-1176354_640

When choosing the right air conditioner, you should consider the quality of air it provides.

Hence, you should choose an air conditioner that has a good filter that helps in improving the air quality of your house. The filter helps in enhancing the cooling performance of the air conditioner and prevents the evaporator from choking due to dust.

These are some of the features you should consider when selecting the right air conditioner for your home.

A good air conditioner will give your money value and will ensure you have a fulfilling atmosphere in your room and the office.